• Cyclotourism
    Mountain bikes and routes

    There are many forests, paved and asphalt roads suitable for cycling in the vicinity of Vuglec Breg. While cycling on those roads you will enjoy the beauty of Zagorje and experience the hospitability of the local people.


    We have 10 top quality mountain bikes you can rent and we will be glad to suggest a route suitable to your physical fitness.



    "Two chapels" (''Dvije kapelice'')

    Circular route: Vuglec Breg - Krapinske Toplice - Vuglec Breg


    From 'Vuglec Breg', over the hills, you can reach ''Sveta Marija Magdalena'', a hill above Krapinske Toplice. There are a number of beautiful viewpoints like St. Antony's Chapel, Jakob Badel Mausoleum, and numerous cottages with vineyards.


    The route is only 7,5 kilometres long and it is of medium difficulty due to frequent steep ascents and altitude changes.


    "Two sources" (''Dva izvora'')

    Circular route: Vuglec Breg - Krapinske and Tuheljske Toplice - Vuglec Breg


    This picturesque bicycle route is more than 30 kilometres long and it connects two health and recreation centres – Krapinske and Tuheljske Toplice. On both sides of the road there are sprawling meadows, fields, vineyards... The mesmerising beauty of numerous natural features along the route is augmented by the presence of chapels and churches.


    The two spa centres are the focus of this route. However, there are also many museums, galleries, birth-places of two Croatian presidents and sacral monuments along the route and any one feature of those mentioned is reason enough to choose this route.