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    Near-by lakes

    Lake Škarićevo

    Lake Škarićevo is only one kilometre away from Vuglec Breg, which makes it is advisable for organising a picnic for a smaller groups.

    Lake Škarićevo is managed by SRD Krapina (sport fishing club Krapina) and the most numerous fish species are zander, carp, sheatfish, Prussian carp.


    Lake Trakošćan

    Lake Trakošćan is 33 kilometres away from Vuglec Breg and offers an exciting fishing experience. The lake has an area of 17 hectares with plenty fishes and the most known predators are: zander, sheatfish, carp, bass and other whitefish species. The lake is managed by SRK (sport fishing club) Trakošćan.


    There are walking trails along the lake and the track that runs around the lake is about 5 kilometres long. We recommend the lake to those who like jogging or hiking.


    Lake Bedekovčina

    Just like Lake Trakošćan Lake 'Bedekovčina is a very attractive fishing destination and is located only 19 kilometres from Vuglec Breg.


    SRD Jezera (sport fishing club Jezera) manages Lake Bedekovčina and fishing is permitted on 5 lakes which occupy an area of 11,20 hectares. The lakes are famous for giant sheatfish specimens and the lakes are also rich in other fish species like carp, bream, zander, pike etc.


    If you decide to go on a fishing trip to one of the mentioned lakes we advise you to contact the appropriate fishing clubs regarding the fishing conditions and permits.