Vuglec Breg

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Employment in the tourist village Vuglec Breg

Employees are the key to the success of our company, and the high standards of the tourist village Vuglec breg, require professional employees of various profiles. Continuous development, striving to improve the quality of services and future projects provide new opportunities for expanding the professional team and the need for motivated employees who want to improve in the segment of tourism and hospitality.

Work at Vuglec breg

We are looking for motivated employees of various profiles in the departments of food and beverages, reception, household, environmental services and vineyards, and we will consider any application for work in other departments of our tourist village Vuglec breg.

If you have a desire to work, improve and continuously develop in a dynamic team environment of our company and want to apply for a job or want to send an open application, you can send your resume to the link below.

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