Team building

We will design and organize programs you will have a lot of fun with, while enhancing team spirit and increasing employee satisfaction.

We offer many different activities as part of our team-building program.

Choose the ones that best suit your team, the number of participants, their levels of physical fitness, and the time of the year.

  • Old sports olympics (tug-of-war, sack race, stone-throwing contest)
  • precision contests (horseshoe throwing, archery, shooting with air rifle and slingshot, hammer and nail contest)
  • team cooking contests (cooking stew, preparing BBQ, baking bread, preparing dishes in the bread oven)
  • corporative olympics (human table soccer, riding a mechanical bull, sumo wrestling)
  • mountain and e-bike tours
  • hiking
  • grape harvesting
  • fishing tours
  • flying in a balloon
  • paragliding
  • wine tours and wine tasting
  • knights' tournaments
  • tennis and table tennis tournaments
  • five-a-side football
  • paint ball
  • off road tours in the region of Zagorje
  • picnics
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